senior photos?

what do I wear for senior photos? I know you need to bring a black shirt for the yearbook photo but what about the other pictures they take? what would be a good shirt for that? light colors? dark? tank tops? dressy? casual? would a shirt like this be okay?

only mine is in blue and purple.

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3 Responses to senior photos?

  1. ME says:

    yea I definitely wouldn’t go with the tye-dye!
    something cute but it doesn’t have to be too dressy!

  2. shronkie says:

    Usually for the senior photos people wear a dressy top. It’s the most important school picture, so it’s important to look your best in a spiffy shirt. I guess it doesn’t really matter though, as long as you are wearing what you want to wear!

  3. help me says:

    only if u wanna look back and say, why did i wear tiedye

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