senior pic help?

I’m taking my senior pictures next friday.Ok and I’ve been dreaming about looking beautiful for those pictures for years. I really want to look hot naturally, I don’t want the place to air brush unless it’s absolutely necessary. What should I do to look gorgeous??? We have to wear a drape and I have really dark pigmentation spots around the shoulders, and I feel really insecure about them, please help!!! Thanks yall!!!

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  1. catywhumpass says:

    Just use some loose mineral powder that matches your skin tone. It will cover the spots that you are uncomfortable with and still look very natural.

  2. Jaden says:

    I know how can you feel but you gonna have to air brush!!!
    but wait for more answers some one might have a better Idea!!

  3. Belovedxox1 says:

    just put some foundation on your shoulders, and good luck and look beauitiful!
    Luv Much

  4. ♥RORY♥ says:

    put on lots of makeup and curl your hair

  5. eva r says:

    First you might call the photographer and tell him/her your concerns ~ It is to their benefit to have your picture look as good as possible ~ Also with a little make up on the spots and a soft focus lens are filter it will help ~ You might check with the cosmetic counter to see if you can get a free make -up the day of the shoot ~ Good Luck & relax and enjoy ~!~

  6. Rach says:

    I’d recommend going to Nordstrom’s or Sephora or a good makeup store and getting makeup done there. Tell them it’s for your senior picture and tell them what look you want and then they should help you, ask for the most experienced artist there. And tell them about your shoulders too and they’ll give you makeup for that.

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