Senior pic Ideas needed!?

ok so i’m not all that creative when it comes to photography. I’m getting ready to take my senior pictures but i have no idea what to wear. We have to have 3 complete outfits. 1 of the pictures has to be an "accomplishment" picture. I have no idea what I should do. It doesn’t have to be an accomplishment. It just has to be something that describes you. So here’s a bit about me. I’m an on fire for Christ Christian. 😀 I’m Irish-American and veryyy proud of it. I’m a singer and songwriter. I’m an animal lover. And I’m a cheerleader. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 😀

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4 Responses to Senior pic Ideas needed!?

  1. Memely says:

    well dress something that u will feel comfortable in. dont overdress because that will just make you be fake. use something fashionable like a really pretty shirt i recomed forever 21 and ur hair i say straight cause curling it will be too much

  2. Ivysee says:

    You need a senior for such kind of pictures.
    I am one, and I could get you into Leica and Pentax quality sucess stories at high lifestyle places. – if interested.
    But xincsilla@ works if the above does’nt

  3. ☼JJMARiE☼ was Je'Taime b4 says:

    Maybe your guitar (singer songwriter, I’m assuming you play). A cute puppy…

  4. Jenn says:

    Part of your photographers job is to answer these questions for you. If they wont, you need to find a different photographer.

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