Senior Pics.. help please?

I’m getting my senior pictures done over the summer and I need some details on what goes on the day of the shoot.

What should I do with my hair?
Make-up? I don’t normally wear it… so should I for these?
Clothing? What should/ shouldn’t I wear?
What should I bring for props?

The things I’ve been getting in the mail have been pretty vague on what to do besides show up and poses to do…

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2 Responses to Senior Pics.. help please?

  1. нαιℓєуу♥ says:

    Make up: Just concelaer to hide blemishes/ zits
    ( so it wont hide natural beauty)
    Mascara ( Dark if you want)
    light colored Lip Stick and gloss
    Eyeliner ( on top only)
    Gold, Bronze, silver eyeshdow or whatever looks good with your dress.
    Less is better 🙂
    Clothing: Elegant Dress
    Hair: Have your hair curled and have an updo
    Go to a hair stylist for that

  2. dσglσvєr says:

    hair: either curls, updo, or just straighten and let out; it doesnt metter, whatever seems good to you.

    makeup: light and elegant makeup; i suggest little concealer/foundation, a light bronzer, little bit of eyeliner and mascara, and lip gloss.

    clothing: just an elegant dress. something that goes good with your skin tone. i suggest a red, white, or black dress

    props: my school doesnt have props, so i cant really help you with that, sorry!

    i hope i helped! ♥ 🙂

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