senior pics?

i have to take my senior pictures tomorrow and i’m not quite sure what to wear for my casuals. i was thinking a halter and jean skirt but i dont want to over do it? what do you think/ what did you wear?
the halter is on the more elegant end. it is loose fitting and long

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3 Responses to senior pics?

  1. Liz B says:

    Well depends on if you’re having a full body shot or just an upper body/face shot. I think my school told us to wear dark-colored, long-sleeved shirts since those will look better against the background. But you don’t have to…I think what you’re wearing is ok. I wore a light blue shirt and jeans 😛 nothing too fancy

  2. ~screamingforever~ says:

    i really dont think you should wear the halter top.wear the blue jean skirt with like a fashion top or something.maybe?i dont no.

  3. lexiiiee says:

    a halter and jean skirt would look horrible. it’s too much skin and too casual for a senior picture. senior pictures are supposed to be very classy and elegant. they may have you pose on a rock or something and you certainly won’t want anyone seeing up your skirt. long sleeves/quarter length sleeves with jeans or capris would look the best. no sandals either. i’d hear some heels.

    best wishes!

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