Senior picture and fairy wings?

For my senior picture I want to wear fairy wings this is NOT for the shot that goes in the yearbook [the one that looks like a black dress] But I really don’t know what to wear with my wings they have a purple border with a pale green/yellow center. I do have a costume from a ballet I put on when I was a fairy and the costume and wings go perfectly together but I don’t know if I should wear the costume or regular clothes but then what color shirt would I wear?

Maybe if I wore my costume and went barefoot that would be pretty cool? I just really need some advice because I want my pictures to be diffrent because I’m a very diffrent girl.

Thanks Rebekah.

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2 Responses to Senior picture and fairy wings?

  1. Bailey says:

    Fairy Wings!
    The only way 2 wear this would be if the theme was a forest of something or if this is your senior prank i guess but just remember this picture will go with U 4 the rest of yur life?

  2. ɑnnemɑriee ☮ says:

    think about when your forty something and looking back at your senior pictures.
    do you want to show you kids, husband, grandkids, co workers, all some stupid image in a costume?
    i’d say not.
    don’t go for the fairy wings, you’ll regret it.

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