senior picture ideas?

so here’s the deal. I have senior pictures coming up and I want to do something with horses. But I don’t want an actual horse in the picture/it’s not practical for me to do that.

so I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for poses or what I could do instead of posing with a horse, but still having a "horsey" picture. Like one idea I have is to wear my tall boots and breeches or maybe jeans and like sit against a wall and rest my helmet on one of my legs. or maybe something with holding my showcoat over my shoulder? or holding other horse props? what are your ideas?

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  1. riley bogiley says:

    you could set up a display of things that you own that are horse-related. tack, show clothing, awards/ribbons, a picture of your horse behind you. and i like your idea of having your tall boots and breeches on. you could wear that and either have your show shirt on or just a nice polo, and lean against a fence outside. or even if it’s possible, lean against the fence to a pasture w/ horses that are in the pasture, then you can really incorporate horses without having a horse right there directly w/ you. and just mix up some of the pictures you do and where you do them in different positions, and you can put your show jacket over your shoulder like you said too. there are so many options, have a talk w/ your photographer and see what they say or what suggestions they have. mostly likely your photographer will have some experience taking horsey pictures.

  2. jillie_rox28 says:

    i think it would be cool if you wore your riding clothes, and then like held a saddle or something and posed against a fence, barn wall, sitting on a bale of hay, etc. then it would be a little more obvious to non-horsey people looking at your picture that it is horse-related, since a bunch of my friends don’t recognize breeches and tall boots…

    if you are able to take the picture at the barn, (though you said its not practical to have a horse in the pic, so idk if you can get there) you could be leaning over the stall door. or maybe if you wanted to make it look a little less "posed" and more in a natural setting, you can take a pic of yourself cleaning a stall, or in the tack room, or scooping feed in the feed room, wearing a horse-riding outfit.

    good luck and have fun!

  3. paint1boxers says:

    There are all kinds of props you can use- Fencing rails, bridles, saddles, tack box, hay bale, ribbons, show sheet, or even inside a horse trailer with living qtrs. salt blocks, bags of feed. There are hundreds of things you can use! Have fun and enjoy your Senior year!

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