Senior Pictures?

So I am taking senior pictures in two weeks and i’m wearing my hair straight. The only problem is when I dry it and straighten it, it frizzes and that won’t look good in pictures. Are there any products that I can use to help reduce the amount of frizz so my senior pictures don’t look too bad.

Also, any advice on what colors or styles I should wear for pictures. The phototgrapher does them outside near a fort and train tracks and outside things like vines and rocks and things of that sort. Any suggestions on apperal are always welcome.


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5 Responses to Senior Pictures?

  1. keega098 says:

    secret weapon flawless finishing cream by john frieda. it works like a charm.

  2. samster says:

    wear your natural hair then…

  3. x-x-lucy-x-x says:

    use antifrizz serum, and it should be fine.
    it mite help to let it dry naturally rather than blow dry it

  4. gretchenisprettyawesome says:

    i use v05 heat protector usually at walgreens 2 for $4
    and i also use got2b crazy sleek it makes your hair super soft and silky feeling, and last but not least garnier fructis sleek&shine anti-humidity hairspray, dont spray to much tho cuz it’ll make your hair hard.

  5. lacie b says:

    try putting frizz-ease in your hair while its still damp.
    then dry & straighten it.
    or if that doesnt work then get aussie 3 minute miracle

    hope i helped!

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