Senior pictures?

what should i wear for my senior pictures there on Tuesday.
i have 3 different outfit changes
and i know i’m getting a picture done with my jack russel terrior.
please help any ideas?
i have brown hair
brown eyes
usually sorta prepy, anything cute really

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4 Responses to Senior pictures?

  1. 小妹妹_Little Sweetheart ^_^ says:

    You can wear formal or causual for your senior picture day. You can wear:

    shoes- (silver one)

    shirt- (bluish one)

    pant- (navy one)

    shoes- (pink one)

    Well, you can also wear:


    shoes- (navy blue one)

  2. jackiex29 says:

    dont match your dog.
    what is your skintone and hair colour/style ? what kind of clothing do you wear ?

  3. makalya_99 says:

    Where what ever you really like. Most photographers let you change so bring a few things that you like and change throught the pitcures and just pick the ones you like the best.

  4. nizzlemarie says:

    Do one in jeans and a plain colored shirt (try to stay away from patterns), one with a skirt or dress, and another in a casual outfit, skirt or pants or even capris. I went with a friend when she got hers done, and the photograper just told her to make sure there were no crazy patterns involved. Good luck!

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