Senior Pictures–I just need tips :)?

1. So I know that people say for senior pics you’re supposed to wear something that makes you feel like "you". But is it supposed to be very dressed up "you", or more casual?

2. Is makeup required? I hardly ever wear any and (admittedly) am not very good at putting it on. Does it make a difference? What can I do for that? If it helps, I have brown eyes with some green and fairly dark olive skin.

3. Props…you’re supposed to bring stuff to reflect you. Does that mean I should bring in test tubes and my chem book? I’m into so many things, and I really want to be original…

So any ideas? 🙂 Thanks!!

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3 Responses to Senior Pictures–I just need tips :)?

  1. ~SS~ says:

    If you’re going in and doing several outfit shots, then bring a little of both. Pick your very favorite outfits. You get to choose what backgrounds you want, so you will able to decide what best matches your outfits, and your taste Of course there will be the photographer there to help you decide. Depending on the place you’re getting them taken at, they have A LOT of choices!

    If you don’t like putting on make-up, then don’t! You don’t want to uncomfortable, and much less look back at these pictures and think "oh…why did I ever choose to put on make-up? No one ever told me about that mascara smudge blow my left eye!!!!" A little toner, blush or foundation wouldn’t hurt any, and you can’t easily mess that up 🙂 May be ask one of the staff or photographers there to help you.

    If you play a transportable instrument, bring it! If you’re an artist, bring some brushes and a canvas! If you like to cook…bring in some pot and pans! Don’t bring in luggage bags full of stuff, just pick some favorites.

    HAVE FUN! You said you want to be original, so just relax and have fun…you are only a senior in high school once! You will look lovely.

    Anyone: answer mine?
    Thanks bunches!

  2. Paul M says:

    Dress formal. Go to Saks or Nordstrom, etc and have someone help you to fit you with the right things.

    Then go to a stylist for your hair to make sure it is perfect.

    No props.

  3. selina says:

    well, the whole point of senior portraits is that its a display of your personality. what you love, who you are. dress how you would dress, nothing too dressy. its up to you if make up is required, your photos should be about you. and you don’t have to bring props, but they are recommended for creativity. just have fun. do what you know will say "you", thats what makes it original.

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