Senior Pictures? :) Ideas please?

So I have senior pictures coming up and I have no idea what to do!
I was just wondering, what did other people do for theirs?
Any good ideas what I should do for mine? I don’t want them to look too over-done, just something outside or with a simple background.
Also what’s good to wear? How should I do my hair? My make-up? How do you pose? Do the photographers go through all that with you?
I still have a lot of time to think about it, but I figure I should start thinking about it now so I’m ready when I go to get them taken =P
I would appreciate any ideas!
Oh and do they touch up your photos?
I will need to wear a retainer, can they hide that if I smile with my teeth?

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5 Responses to Senior Pictures? :) Ideas please?

  1. C-LO says:

    As a photographer, I always feel inspired when people are with a sunset or a sunrise. If you can find a hill with a roadway on it, why not try to capture the sun setting or rising at the peak of it with you in the center of the road? Sounds a bit dangerous but the shot looks pretty wicked in the end!

  2. lanaloo says:

    u should take one with you like sitting on a railroad track, that would be sweet

  3. Maddie says:

    Haha, hey it’s all good. =) Your photographer will help you decide what pose to do, but he/she also lets you put your own personality into it. If you’re a shy person, your friends would be so shocked to see you smiling and blowing bubbles! A photographer is supposed to take who you are and show the true beauty in you, not totally lie about it.

    Base your background on the color of your eyes. Blue eyes would stand out excellent with a water scene, green with a park/field, brown with a forest or even better, a bright sunny area.

    It’s a must for the picture to be totally you. If you usually wear a ton of make up, personally I’d tone it down a bit, but you shouldn’t totally change yourself. You want your class to remember who you are, not the person you pretend to be.

    As for hair, that reflects you too! But also your background. If your background is cluttered, a neater, more sleek hairstyle will really clash and make you be the one to stand out. Your hair should contrast to your background so you don’t blend too much.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Eileen J says:

    Well, The best bit of advice is to find a photographer you think will take photos you want and not what they want…Talk to several and see what they have to offer…Props ,,backgrounds,, prices,, etc..

    All photographers will have examples of their work and be able to show you some ideas..Ask around and ask for recommendations from them..Make an appointment to see what they have to offer..

    Make sure you feel comfortable with them…and like what you see..Than ask away …Ask them about their props and I would suggest bringing your own..Most good photographers would prefer that you do..since this will personalize your photos..

    I would do a few formal….I mean posed and just head shots or 3/4 shots and a few full body shots..Than some casual ones…like sitting on or in front of blocks with the yr of your graduation 2010 which so many do.
    I would take a couple changes of clothes…I think all will let you do that..
    Wear plain clothes and select a plain background for some formal shots and a few serious ones,,(,But Most prefer natural smiles it seems from my experience)
    It is up to the photographer to get a natural smile and look…Usually done by talking to you and not just saying smile…

    Be creative…just because lots have photos done one way doesn’t mean you can’t do something different..

    Take some best friends along and also have some taken with them for added ones for the yearbook ..and if not have them there to make you laugh and be yourself…

    If you are in sports take a ball or uniform or something pertaining to the sport or club or hobby you do..

    Example….Music…take your instument with you
    Cheerleader take your pom poms and wear your uniform or school colors etc.
    Art…Take some artwork in for background..

    As far as what you look like …Don’t get your hair done specially for it…wear it the way you usually do (even though you can put it up for some and down for others if possible..) and how most people see you on a daily basis…that includes makeup etc…

    Get a good night sleep …If you go in with lack of sleep ..IT WILL SHOW!!!

    GOOD LUCK and just relax and have fun…If you don’t like them you can always take them over….

  5. Kate says:

    you should have casual clothes (jeans and a cute shirt maybe with flats) and then formal clothes (a cute sun dress). wearing your hair down is always good becasue it goes with both styles. Try to look natural so do your makeup simple. The photographer will tell you how to pose. yes they will go step by step with you. They can touch up your photos. I forget how much it cost for them to get the retainer/braces out of the picture but i bet it will be about 100 more.

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