Senior Pictures in 2 Days! In need of some help!?

So, I have my senior portrait appointment on Thursday, and was wondering if the Yahoo Answer’s community might be able to offer a slight bit of advice on a few things:

1) Make up- I have red hair, green eyes, and very pale skin. Typically i wear liquid black eye liner with pink blush and a bright pink lip (foundation, also). I’m beginning to wonder if my typical make up regimen will too too severe when photographed. I plan on doing my own make up, but am now rethinking that decision. What do you think? Ladies: did you have your make up professionally done for your senior pictures?

2) The studio recommends wearing long sleeves because you look heavier when wearing short/ no sleeves. What are your thoughts on this?

3) As far as poses go. Should I practice them before hand? What angles should I ask for?

The make up is my main concern, but all advice is welcome!
(P.S. Im sorry if you think this is an inappropriate category for this question; I wasn’t entirely sure where to place it on this site.)

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2 Responses to Senior Pictures in 2 Days! In need of some help!?

  1. says:

    Make-up: I didn’t have my makeup done (only because it wasn’t in my budget) but if you get it done and then don’t like it or don’t feel like it reflects the real you then it can be disastrous. Usually bright lips bleed onto the teeth when you smile with the flash but they use different lighting than most other places. I say soften the eyes by using a pencil liner instead of liquid. (maybe even use a less dramatic color since you have nice eyes) Or practice doing a less dramatic smokey eye (youtube has great videos on this!)

    Clothes: I’ve seen this and it kinda depends on the pose. and the picture is just from the bust-line up so maybe do a nice three-quarter sleeve.

    Poses: Depending on the studio they should do a variety of poses for you (at least 3 i think) then you choose which one you like best. Just let them know your concerns and they should help you out (most slimming, most flattering, I want to hide this side of my face, whatever)

    Good luck! And congrats on senior year!

  2. Tiffany says:

    hey i think that you should go with a rose pink lip and an angled pose. i think that would look nice. 🙂

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