Senior Pictures- outfit help!?

I have my senior pictures soon and I really do not know what I should wear. Some people are wearing party dresses while others are just wearing a nice top.
I do not plan on getting a full body shot.
I need ideas for an outfit.

I’m really up for anything, so any ideas are accepted. I’m pear shaped so not everything looks great on me, also I could be considered "plus" but not exactly, I’m in between. I like the forever 21-esque style, although I definitely do not follow it to a t. I would appreciate suggestions on a summer dress with a sweater, or even a nice top. I usually shop at stores like Forever 21, Old Navy, Pacsun, etc.. just as an indicator of style.

Any help is appreciated!

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2 Responses to Senior Pictures- outfit help!?

  1. Tessa says:

    Go with something that compliments your eyes I’d say. And make sure you don’t get anything with a lot of a pattern it sometimes tends to look like "too much" 😮 Like a dress with tiny flowers all over it or something.
    Maybe a white summer dress? If you have a debs by you, they some nice summer dresses at times too.

  2. bill g says:

    think of nature, be like natural, one word for you NAKED.

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