Senior Pictures: what to wear???

ok, I know what to wear for my formal picture and my cap and gown of course, but they said bring another like 2 outfits and naturally i’ve never done this before, so what should i wear?? i seriously don’t know how all of this stuff works and how the pics are supposed to be so….please help

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  1. Bri says:

    Well, most of the senior girls at our school, wear either black pants or skirts, with a semi formal/casual, fashionable top. Alot of v necks….etc..

    Maybe something like these outfits(minus the accessories):

    Hope it helps

  2. AEQueenBee says:

    okay. so if you dance or cheer bring your uniform. and wear that in a pic. or just things you do. if you like purses and have alot you can bring all your purses and take a pic with them. or if you have an obsession with socks that would be cute too. just things like that.

  3. Roth Random says:

    Just bring outfits that you think look great on you. The pics aren’t too formal, you can let then be if you want. I brought a formal dress, another dress, some nice shirts and jeans. From there, the photographers figure out what settings to do with the outfits that you have chosen. If you’re stumped, just bring what you think looks good and the photographer can help choose and give ideas.

  4. LOLhippieeally says:

    Whatever you do, do NOT wear patterns. Wear solid colors. Try some jeans and flats and a nice polo. Or a cute Hollister skirt and a cami with a 3/4 sleeve top. Something a little nicer then casual.

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