Senior Pictures ? What would u do?

Well I going to be a HS seinor this year.
Im gonna be having some pix takin at the beach in june….

WHat kind of clothes would you wear?
How would you pose?
Ex- straight, curly, ponytail>?>?>

I cant go out and buy a whole new wardrobe but i can get a coupleof outfits.
Im also having some pix done in the fall.

THanks for your help and God Bless

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One Response to Senior Pictures ? What would u do?

  1. ツ jazzy. says:

    have you checked out the latest victoria’s secret catalogs? they have tons of beach themed pictures.
    i would wear very loose clothes that blow easily in the wind.
    great poses are ones simply of you walking & splashing in the water and laughing.
    i would wear my hair curly, like beach waves. even a loose side-ponytail would work.
    consider looking at the victoria’s secret website or catalogs. you dont have to buy anything from there, because they’re so expensive, but they’re pretty inspirational :]

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