senior pictures…?????????

okay, im getting senior pictures done tomorrow and i have a few questions…
1. it says cap and gown will be provided-does that mean that thats gonna be what i wear for all the pictures? or just some?
2. do any of these pictures go in the yearbook? if so, would it be the cap and gown ones or pictures in which you just wear a normal outfit?

what do most people wear in their senior yearbook photo?
i know its senior citizens haha i realized that about 10 seconds after i posted the question…oops lol.

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3 Responses to senior pictures…?????????

  1. alcaholicdemon says:

    i graduated a long time ago,and we wore our cap and gowns.our pictures for the year book were a off the shoulder drape in our school colors and the boys wore suites and ties

  2. KathyC says:

    take different outfits its a shame you dont have annuals to look at the girls wear a black stole and a pearl or diamond or cross necklace they have been doing it for decades… your neighbor has an annual.

  3. queen of answers says:

    This is senior citizens not seniors in high school

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