Senior Portrait Idea?

So I play volleyball and I heard you can bring props for your senior pictures but I’m kinda nervous about it. I want to bring my jersey and a ball but idk if I should wear like my full outfit like with spandex and knee pads. I don’t wanna look like overdone. And what kinda poses would I have to do? My friend did this before but she was a setter so they took a picture of her setting…I’m a hitter…I think it’ll be weird to do a hitting approach in a studio 🙁

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  1. FotoFan85 says:

    first off, i think doing a studio is a wrong choice just cause since you are a hitter you could have done such amazing shots out on the field. but since it is in a studio i say full outfit with out the protective gear. do freeze shots like your about to hit the ball… stuff like that… also the photographer would probably have ideas just cause that is his job and he is getting paid for it. good luck

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