Senior portrait tips.!?

I am getting my senior pics done tomorrow. I have really light milky skin, with medium brown eyes, and dark brown/kinda reddish hair. I don’t know whether to wear black, beige, or white. I was advised to wear black but I’m afraid it would make me look washed out.

What should I do with my makeup? My normal routine is foundation with concelear, black eyeliner, mascara, and sometimes brown eyeshadow. For the pictures, what color eyeshadow should I wear? I don’t want to look washed out, but if I wear blush/bronzer, I don’t want my face to look too wide (my face shape is square)

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  1. johnslady05 says:

    I would wear black. I dont think it would make you look washed out by your description of yourself. I would wear mascara eyeliner and a silver shade of eyeshadow. I would shy away from blush or bronzer or use a light one. You dont want your face to look wide if it is square. The ideal face shape is oval so you need to make your face look a little longer and narrow. You can do this by having your hair razored on the sides in the front.

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