Senior Portraits Made Simple by Clay Blackmore

Clay Blackmore, a master of classical portraiture, shows you timeless techniques for taking portraits of High School Seniors that seniors and parents will love!

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3 Responses to Senior Portraits Made Simple by Clay Blackmore

  1. asbook2 says:

    great video! can you please tell me what kind of backdrops you use.. I love the metal one.

  2. acapmex1 says:

    Clay I assisted to your semminar back in sept. 20,2010 in Burbank CA. I really like it and enjoy it, but, I’m a bit dissapointed since I haven’t received the package of DVD’s that I purchased in that semminar for $120.00 cash, wich i paid in cash, I even have a receipt signed by one of the guys who participated in this seminar
    the package #1 called ” How to photograph Everyone 3- DVD combo.” please respond as soon as possible , I can give you more details of who I am. (my name ) Thanks.

  3. jaysonpana says:

    Clay! I went to your seminar here in the Philippines!!!

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