todays the big day!! (pictures)?

okay for senior pictures i plan on wearing 2 outfits these

these pants
and this top

and this skirt and top

what do you think??

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19 Responses to todays the big day!! (pictures)?

  1. shawnlee82 says:

    Simple yet HOT. You’re a very pretty girl and you have good taste. Not too SLUTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t see that to often anymore.

  2. Leila S says:

    Very nice

  3. swegs says:

    awesome, totally hot

  4. Lilly Love. says:

    your skirt is cute….


  5. excentrique says:

    very cute!!!! have fun, senior year is gonna go by fast!

  6. RainbowLilly says:

    Love the first outfit.
    The second outfit…youll regret it..the skirt makes you look like a 10 year old.

  7. Italian Goddess says:

    looks good to me. it’s very classy and springy/good luck!

  8. Cindy R says:

    I love it all! Wow! You have a great sense of style. The skirt and top are especially cute. Congrats on the big day!!

  9. Mitzer 48 says:

    i say u should ware the second 1 it is so cute

  10. pixiegurl26 says:

    i like both. pretty.

  11. Rachel says:

    They are both really nice!!
    I like the first outfit better though 🙂

  12. beautiful babe says:

    Very cute, good for photos: especially like the second one because it provides color, but the first one helps to be more professional.

    Definitely, in a symbolic sense, these outfits help to provide emphesis towards different points of your high school career…But, whatever, I’m sure you’ll look great in them!

  13. tyler says:

    wow i didnt decide what i was gonna wear for senior pictures until literally 5 minutes before i left. but yeah you look nice

  14. ezraaa says:

    very very niice. your jacket from your first outfit was hella pretty! x)

  15. erika j says:

    i like both! if you are looking for more of a chill look, the first outfit is awesome. but if you wanted a girly/chick look, go with the second one. they are very fashion forward!

  16. ツluv Abercrombie & Fitchツ says:

    i think that is super ooper kewlio!!!!

  17. britt =] says:

    very cute.=]

  18. Lo-Lo says:

    i like the the top on the first… and i also love the outfits! u’ll look nice! =]

  19. markiea611 says:

    they both are cute outfits, but i think the skirt and shirt is a little cuter

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