What are Senior Pictures?

Do you get the pictures that are in the yearbook at school or do you get them done professionally I dont really understand this? And second i hear people got senior pictures but they are wearing cassual clothing what are thos pics used for?

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  1. Ansell A says:

    As a Brit my take on it is that it was a good marketing ploy by photographers in the US to get parents to part with more money.

    I am sure one of our American cousins will be on shortly to give us the proper version.

    Edit – love it, Thumbs down from the US contigent already.
    Ok all you saying it is for yearbooks and the like, just what the heck is this all about then http://www.fairmontphotography.com/senior%20examples.htm
    And why have there been a hundred questions on here recently about "ideas for my senior pictures" if they are all formalised shots for the yearbooks.

    As I said, seems like a good marketing ploy on the part of the U.S. photographers and I applaud them for it.

  2. Curious says:

    This sounds like a pretty immature question, so I’m guessing you’re asking about high school yearbook pictures. Is that right?

    Different schools handle them differently – some schools have a dress code standard (look back at past issues of your school’s yearbook to see how students dressed for a clue – there should be copies of those past issues in the school’s library) and some don’t, some may have a pro photog come in who offers the shots she/he takes for sale or not, some schools have other students take pics and use those (in which case you can ask whoever takes your shot for a copy if you get a pic you like).

    My advice – talk to a teacher in the English or Art Dept at your school to find out who your yearbook editor is or will be. Ask them your question so you get an answer that’s tailored to your school’s way of handling photos.

    Good luck!

  3. georgeisfuzzy says:

    Senior pictures will be used for the yearbook portraits. The reason that seniors take have them taken in casual clothing is because their is a prop that the photographer uses for a tuxedo cover onto your regular clothing or a dress cover for girls, technically everyone will be wearing the same tuxedo if you look closely at older senior pictures. The pictures are done at the school by an outside photography company hired specifically for the job, usually it is a generic brand such as Lifetouch.

  4. samara says:

    edit: its different with all schools. my school however has you go to a professional that they tell you to go to. we as the student make an appointment and we go and they have clothing there for us to wear. in the yearbook the girls are all wearing the same black dresses and they guys are all wearing the same black suits. but we also have to bring to our private photoshoot at the professional, clothes or things tht reprsent our personality, like if ur a cheerleader bring pom poms and wear ur cheerleading outfit. if ur into guitar bring ur guitar or if u like video games and r lazy u can sit on a couch holding a game controller tht u bring. i go to a very very rich school, so our yearbooks have a page for pretty much every senior with their favorite quotes and EVERYTHING about them with millions of pictures throughout their life. so it may be different for u. if not then i hope i helped u!
    🙂 ps….why dnt u ask one of ur friends, they mite know.

  5. thunderhorses_14 says:

    well the way we do it where i live is. we go to a professional photographer and they do a year book picture for free and send it to the school for them to put in the year book. and from those pics usually they take any where between 25 to 100 pictures and you buy the one you like. the have packages just like schools so you can buy them. and you can get either 1 to 4 poses depending on the package. as far as clothing usually a dark colored shirt (black, dark purple or blue, or even a maroon) would work. you can where jeans or slacks whatever looks good.depending on what sitting or package you get you can bring props(instrument,ball if you play sports, Letterman jacket, pet, etc.). makes the pictures really stand out. any way hope it helps. any other questions hit me up.

  6. casperskitty says:

    Ok, here is how it is. At my old high school, our senior pictures were, for the most part, done by one particular studio. The only studio in town. But they have a deal with the school, so even if you go to a different studio in a nearby town/city, you still have to go to them to get the yearbook portrait done and you do have to pay them for it if you want a picture in the yearbook. They charge a $50 sitting fee no matter what. So most people just go to them to avoid paying two sitting fees.

    Um, no, they don’t put fake tuxedos and dresses onto the images after the fact. That is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I took a change of clothes when I went for my senior pictures. One was a dress for my yearbook picture and the other was a more casual outfit for the rest of the pictures.

    Now, from kindergarten up through junior year you get those school pictures that are usually horrible. They don’t care if they are good, they just want to get a few thousand kids through in one day. What are those pictures for? Well, mom and dad give them out to family and the kiddies give them out to their friends. Same concept with the senior portraits except they cost about ten times as much.

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