What can I do as a high school senior to prepare for college?

Okay, so I’m a senior in high school and I’ve been looking through and visiting colleges and I’ll be starting to send in applications before long BUT I haven’t been involved in extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, or volunteer work. I’ve been on the honor roll a few times and have taken as many honors classes since freshman year as possible. What can I do NOW to give my applications a little something extra?

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  1. poprocksandcoke says:

    Well I’ts my senior year too and I’m having the same problem you are. Colleges like to see extracurricular activities, but they love to see volunteer work even more because it shows you giving up your time to help your community. My advice would be to take up a club at school, it doesnt have to be anything special, just something to show that you are involved at your school, and volunteer somewhere. It doesnt have to be longterm either because you can put something like Spent time volunteering at General Hospital working with kids, or something like that. Try to do as much as you can this year to make it look like you are very involved and dedicated to your school.

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