What can I wear for the Senior portrait?

Im a senior in Highschool so the senior pictures are coming next week.. Im planning to go the mall soon to buy something for me to dress, like a nice blouse or nice short dress.
What do u guys suggest?

My description:

I’m 5’1 [about 118 pounds]
Light Skin
Brown eyes
Long Black Hair

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2 Responses to What can I wear for the Senior portrait?

  1. crackersnacker17 says:

    I also have light skin, brown (well, hazel) eyes, and I had long black hair when I got my pictures taken, so I’ll tell you what worked for me. My photographer told me that unless you are bone thin with perfect arms, do NOT wear a tank top in your pictures, as they can make arms look bigger. If someone has really big arms (as you are only 118 pounds, I’m pretty sure you don’t) then he said they might even want to stay away from short sleeved looks as well. In my favorite pictures, with the exception of one, I was wearing solid-colored sweaters in shades that looked good with my coloring, like dark purples and deep pinks. (I also think silvers and greens would look good on you as well– they do on me.) I don’t know exactly what your photos will be like– our area goes crazy and everyone hires photographers to take entire portfolios for their senior pictures!– but I also had full body poses. My favorite full body pose was me in black stiletto heels, fitted black pants, and a fuchsia top with a black wrap. It really made my body look long and lean. I hope this helps. Good luck with your pictures!

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