What do I do for senior pictures?

I absolutely HATE pictures, so I’m definitely not looking forward to this. I was going to do my pictures in march so I could wear long sleeves because I’m the "t-shirt kinda girl" and I feel like my arms are too big so I don’t wear fitted shirts. My mom doesn’t agree with me on my arms, but that’s what I feel comfortable with. So I was going to wear this kinda dressy shirt with black pants and dress shoes then change into my favorite jeans and take some with the same shirt and change my shoes to my ugh type boots (under the jeans) and then for another outfit I was going to just wear a blue fitted shirt with a thin white long sleeve under it and keep the jeans and boots. Now I have found out I need my pictures turned in by December so I need so change months. I want my pictures done outside so what would be a good month so I can still wear the long sleeves and boots and have the outside look good? Also, I heard that stripes don’t look good, but the dress shirt I was going to wear is purple and it like starts off as a dark purple and kinda fades into lighter purple then fades back into the dark and so on, so it kinda is stripes but they are big. Is this bad?

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  1. Deathâ„¢ says:

    Any time between August and November should be fine.

    Avoid distracting prints and patterns, especially for outdoor shots.

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