what do i wear for senior pictures?

they are coming up…
anyone have advice of what they or their friends wore??

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12 Responses to what do i wear for senior pictures?

  1. Jenn says:

    I have a few things I recommend. One, don’t wear anything with a name on it because if you look back later you don’t want to see the labels. Two, think about who your giving the pictures to. If its mostly friends have more casual outfits. If its friends and family, make sure you have an outfit appropriate to give to your family (think older generation appropriate!). Three, wear something that you could send with an application. Whether to a job or college because sometimes you are required to send a picture. I hope that helped. Good luck! Oh and remember to have fun with this!

  2. David A says:


  3. Ayham Hamada says:

    whatever you feel yourself elegant with, what you see not someone else

  4. gunther says:

    something dressy snd soemthing you want people to rember you in. DONT WEAR AMBERCROMBIE and such. hope it turns out just right :]

  5. Clarkie says:

    wear something as timeless as possible.
    Nothing is more embarrassing than your yearbook picture in 20-30 years when you look like a freak from some different era…

  6. idlie says:

    Something that won’t overwhelm your face. Try to stick with solid or simple prints.

    I like v-necks because they make my neck look longer, neckline is something to consider.

    If you get new clothes make them something you would actually wear.

  7. *~ riddles ~* says:

    it really depends on what you’re into and what type of backgrounds and poses you are planning. wear a few that are more dressy for serious poses and try to wear normal or fun outfits if you’re going to have pics of you in a relaxed setting. just have fun with it.
    oh and if you’re going somewhere to have them taken make sure that you know exactly what you’re wearing and have your makeup and hair done when you get there….this will save time and worry not to mention it should give you a few extra chances at a good pose.

  8. sweetcandi454 says:

    my sister wore her favorte shirt
    Wear a shir that doesnt have words on it. That is a big advice. In like a decade you are going to wonder what you were thinking (even if it says abercrombie or some brand name)

  9. Mizz Carmel says:

    Your fav outfit or just something really cute

  10. ♥Jules♥ says:

    Wear something that is cute & is going to compliment your face & figure. One word of advice, be sure to get a good amount of headshots. I only got one & it was awful so my yearbook picture is totally gross.

  11. Tami says:

    a swimming suit

  12. hemetrockstar says:

    just wear something you like to wear and something or think others will give you comments on.i reccomend you wear something dressy and sophisticated.Or you could go for the younger than you are look.but i like my first suggestion.try it!

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