WHAT do i wear with these shoes?

I need a black dress for my senior pictures and i need it to match these shoes:
LINKS please!
i love the ideas so far but i need a DRESS
i know you can’t see the shoes in the pic but i’m also considering wearing this on graduation day
thanks so far!

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3 Responses to WHAT do i wear with these shoes?

  1. Sandy <3 says:

    If you can find these in black then it would be adorable!! The senior picture always looks great in black<3:D I really dont think you needa stress that much about the shoes because you cant even see the shoes in the picture, but i think a dress like this one would be adrobale:D


  2. lissa says:

    black skirt or white skirt with black or white shit.

  3. Emilee K says:

    If you want jeans, try skinny jeans. They go with almost anything! If you’re looking for a skirt, try a pencil skirt. They’re really flattering and those shoes would look great with one!

    Emilee K.♥♥

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