What do you people think of this idea for Senior Prank?

I just graduated. My graduating class did "Snow Day", where they dumped flour over the quad and put up a sign that said "Snow Day". When they were doing it, the main vice principal was supervising it and some juniors recorded it and took pictures. Excluding the senior class, a lot of the school already knew of the prank. The people who were behing this whole thing asked the administration for permission and the office said ok. Part of the prank was to wear snow gear to school the next day. Guess What? Only like 10 people did. And most of the seniors, INCLUDING ones that were part of this thought it was a stupid idea.

Part of the prank was tp-ing. Guess what? Class of ’09 at my school did that for their senior prank. They tp’d the school. They also saran wrapped a place called "Senior Square" and took a refrigerator from school and stuck it in the middle of the quad and spray-painted "09" on it.

There were hecka seniors that lashed out cause they didn’t like this idea. Some later did pranks of their own; saran wrapping "Senior Square" and putting vaseline on the door handles. Saran wrapping Senior Square was copy-cating too.

MOST people outside the senior class thought this was a stupid idea. Here’s a problem, part’s of the lawn were damaged because of the flour.

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3 Responses to What do you people think of this idea for Senior Prank?

  1. Seth says:

    The whole point of a PRANK is that only the people doing it know about it. Your describing a group activity! Sorry to say but as a prank it seems very lame to get permission from the school and to have the vice principle organize it! No wonder so few people actually participated. I heard about a senior prank where some students spent the night before last day of school putting up a cement brick wall infront of all the doors to the school. Thats a PRANK!

  2. Katkins says:

    Which prank are you asking about? The one with the flour?

    I’d probably laugh if I saw that.. the novelty might wear off after having to walk through it, etc.

    If you need ideas, I bet you can get plenty by just googling it.

  3. Sir Will Bang says:

    ha ha ha that is brilliant…..

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