What is it like to have braces in senior high school?

I’m 16, a junior, and I’m going to be getting braces in January.
I’m going to be wearing them for my senior picture, prom, graduation, and the entire first semester of college, and I’m terrified.
I really need some good news here, has anyone else gone through this? How bad is it? What do guys think about it? How bad does it hurt? Does it lower your self-esteem? And porcelain braces, the ones that are the same color as your teeth, do those make it any better?
My teeth are too messed up for invisalign, unfortunately 🙁
I’m halfway hoping my teeth will look better with braces than they do now, but i don’t wanna get my hopes up

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3 Responses to What is it like to have braces in senior high school?

  1. `infinity on high says:

    WTH? Having braces doesn’t make you less attractive and others, wouldn’t you rather bare with the metal things stuck on you for a period of time than have ugly teeth for when your older? I know tonnes of people at my school so currently have braces and it doesn’t make them any prettier or uglier. I’m in Year 8, and I got braces earlier this year, IT DOESN’T HURT! Well only for a couple of days, but other then that its all good. If you really don’t like your braces then you can get invisiation which sort’a covers it up. And why would it lower my self esteem? I feel happier when I see the progress of my teeth from before & after! Hope it helps 🙂

  2. whatwhat says:

    absolutely horrible, i’d rather have my teeth pulled then to go through the embarrasment of braces on my not perfect teeth

  3. pianonerd says:

    actually what you can do is get invisalign. it is clear(same color as your teeth) and you can take them off whenever you want. the invisalign is less painful than braces. i had braces in 7th grade and it was horrible. it hurts like a mother and it is a pain to floss, but if you dont floss you get plague. so it would be your best interest to get invisalign, because it comes off and go in your favor.

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