What kind of makeup should I wear for my senior pictures today?

I am very light-skinned, have brown eyes, and brown hair. What kind of makeup should I wear? Heavy blush, mascara, eyeliner? Any advice will do, thanks!

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  1. scorpio88 says:

    Not sure if you still need the advice, however..

    For photos, it’s actually best to go natural because a camera can make you appear very different then in person. Always cleanse and moisturizer your face before you apply anything. I can’t stress this enough just because the makeup will sit so much nicer. If you need to conceal any blemishes, do that before putting on the foundation. Otherwise, skip to your foundation and blend it evenly across the face. Personally for senior photos, I would do what I do with bridal makeup, because it looks very elegant and classy. Since you have brown eyes (awesome to work with), use a taupe or cream colour on the inner corner of your eye, then as an accent colour, use a gold or pink. Not too bright, but not too pale otherwise you will look washed out. For the outer corners, use a purple, and blend all three colours together for a soft, feminine look. Highlight the browbone with a beige or white.

    For eyeliner, use a black on the top lid, and a white on the bottom, inside lid. This will make the white in your eyes appear even whiter and bring out the brown beautifully.

    Curl your eyelashes, and apply at least 3 coats of mascara. I personally like Avon or L’Oreal volume mascaras, but I already have very long natural lashes, so I just need the volume. Chose if you need the volume or length.

    The eyes are then complete. For the rest of your face, apply a bronzing powder if you have one to your entire face, in a sweeping motion. This will give you a sun kissed look. Then use a peachy blush lighty though. Do NOT go heavy with the blush as it tends to show in photos.

    For your lips, use a peachy lip colour, and top it off with clear gloss. The key for photos is to stay as natural looking as possible.

    Hair is also a factor in this — if you have normally straight hair, why not curl it with ringlets? Or vice versa.

  2. meemee says:

    look natural and light

  3. ☆ღWifey Wifeyღ☆ says:

    Heavy blush? Are you trying to go for the trashy nineties look? Just be yourself! You don’t need make up to look pretty. =)

  4. MayMay says:

    Dont use heavy blush! You will end up looking like a clown…Use a light foundation to get all over coverage, eyeliner, and maybe a little light brown eyeshadow. Add some lip gloss and your ready to go! Add some mascara if you want your eyes to ‘pop’

  5. Ice Cream Baby says:

    I think you should wear MAC but it is expensive but revolon is also good

  6. plaplant8 says:

    Light so you don’t look like a clown. Let your own natural beauty shine through.Subtle is the key for photographs.

  7. mrs v. says:

    definitely go with more natural stuff, b/c you don’t wanna look back years from now & hate what you see. if you know they’re fluorescent lights, try to find somewhere with fluorescent lighting to apply, so you’ll know how it looks. you don’t wanna go heavy duty though – that could mean disaster.
    good luck!

  8. BlameMe says:

    You want to look natural. If you’re looking for a new hair style, experiment before the day of your session. Also avoid changing to a new hair style at least 2 weeks prior to your photo session. If you don’t like it, then you may have to wait before it grows to a manageable length. Do not cut or change your hair style after your photo session either until you have had the opportunity to view your photographs.

    To enhance your features under studio lighting use a little more makeup than usual. Powder is helpful to reduce shine. Make sure to bring your makeup with you. If you usually don’t wear makeup, it’s a good idea to wear some powder to smooth skin tones, and mascara to enhance your eyes. Your hands & fingernails may show in some of your poses. They should be clean & trimmed.

  9. mended.ticker says:

    natural make-up not too heavy some blush (brownish color) not too heavy on the mascara but little more than usual….eyeliner…..what color are your eyes?

  10. marilynpleasures says:

    Since the natural look is in…Try that…especially if your school colors is something fuky like purple or royal blue…go with a natural bronze look…Im light too!

  11. Futr Nurse says:

    I think that you should go to your local mall and get a make over at one of those stands. Tell them it is for your pictures and I am sure they will be glad to help and it is free. Boston Store, Carson, Macy’s . Mac counter, Estee Lausder, Clinique, Lancome.

  12. Sunshine says:

    Something very natural, so that when you look back on it years from now, you won’t say "God, what was I thinking??!!" Some foundation to even out your skin, a bit of blush, some nice brown eyeshadow with ivory highlighting on the brow and lid, curled eyelashes with mascara and a soft lip color to finish it off should look really nice. Congrats on your senior year! Make it the best yet!

  13. meem says:

    always remember less is more, u dont want to get yer pictures back and not no who is in the pix… dry earth tones and yea eyeliner and mascara are fine just dont go crazy

  14. Flamingo says:

    Don’t overdo it. When you look back at the pic in the future, you’ll want to be pleased. Do some practice runs and have your friends’ advice.

  15. cwstuffff says:

    Do whatever you can do to not date yourself in 2007.
    Don’t wear anything trendy. Make your hair look as classic as possible, don’t wear a lot of makeup. A little goes a long way.
    Thirty years from now it will be hard enough looking at this photograph without also looking like you were some freak from the 00’s….

  16. s k says:

    i would say a light tone foundation, the natural pink blush, for brown eyes colors like light purples, greens and browns are good for eye shadow, black or black brown mascara and probably brown eye liner or black depending on which eye shadow color u choose and mascara, and if any lipstick a very light natural pink. i like to use just a tinted lip gloss bc i have really light skin and it looks nice

  17. HELL YEAH! says:

    i think you should go for the natural look with foundation and wear a small amount of blusher to add some colour.. and wear brown eyeshadow as it will bring out the browness in ur eyes also don’t forget to wear mascara as it will look silly if you dont wear mascara adn a small amount off eyeline will make ur eyes look bigger

  18. Here_for_what says:

    i wouldn’t go "heavy" on anything, especially blush, you want your blush to look as natural as ever. i would really just do your makeup as if you were going to dinner or something, this is how people are going to remember you! you want to look like you usually do. just be sure not to skip any makeup, like eyeliner, mascara, especially lipstick/gloss.

  19. Tackle Box says:

    Definately go for a more natural look. This is one of my senior pictures and everyone loved mine.


  20. vertha h says:

    Make up is great, but first make sure your skin is right. Make sure you have cleansed, exfoliated, toned and moisturized. Without proper skin care, make up would look like a canvas sneaker that has been painted. Every pore will show and the outcome is rough looking. Proper skin care is essential to beautiful makeup that looks natural and fabulous.

    Mary kay has a fantastic line. It has been rated #1 best selling skin care and color cosmetic in the US once again for 16 years!! Documented.

    I am a MK director and I do many makeovers for senior pictures, proms, weddings, you name it. What I would suggest is that you go to the mary kay virtual makeover website and put in your information and you can see what kind of make up that’s right for you. I permit you to go to my website and use the virutal makeover at http://www.marykay.com/vhigdon-odeh to get a preview of what colors will be right for you. Hope this helps.

  21. nathan'sgirl says:

    Something natural, but you should wear some makeup because flashes will wash you out. Remember, you will be looking back at these pictures, you shouldn’t do something real in-style and a fad, because in a year or two it will look ridiculous.

  22. mink says:

    You’ve gotta keep it natural. You don’t want to look like a clown! Try some light foundation similar to ur skin colour to even out any spots or bumps, then put on some light brown eyeshadow over ur lower lid, then add 2 coats of mascara and some clear lip gloss and ur done! Hope u look lovely dahling!

  23. agrin1369 says:

    Do the basics, nothing heavy.
    Put cover up on. Around the eyes mouth and nose. Then put some bronzer on. A little bit of blush and mascara. Then put on a big smile.

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