What kind of props should i use in my senior picture?

I love converse! And I have tons of them…But Iv’e seen so many senior pictures with them and I don’t want to have the same picture as everyone else. I would like for my pictures to stand out…In a good way. I love being in plays! Halloween is my favorite Holiday (because I love costumes). I love cartoons, disney, princesses, unicorns, the color pink, animals, mud, outdoors. I ride horses, so yes I have cowboy boots. I love singing and music. Reading. Again I love my converse! I like video games(yay resident evil) I’m a nerd, yes I have went to anime conventions and dressed up. I have tons of stuffed animals and beanie babys, I have a big poofy gold prom dress(what props do i wear with it) And what kind of props can be used if you like acting? Basically I’m just a very weird kid and don’t know what to wear.

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4 Responses to What kind of props should i use in my senior picture?

  1. *Michelle* says:

    Probably wouldn’t go SO much with the weird stuff. Looking back years from now you may not be liking that idea.
    Try one where you are dressed up as a disney princess and holding a game controller. Can look very cute n sexy but still kinda displaying your interests. Yeah?
    Maybe one with an Emmy Award or w.e it’s called to show your acting hobby.
    My sister rides horses and she actually took one in like cowboy boots and she had a laso thingy laying on the ground and was like on a chair. It was cute.
    Talk to your photographer and they will help you out a lot though.

  2. Roni says:

    dead babys and such

  3. Ask Alice says:

    You should wear some cowboy boots and be on your horse in the picture. Maybe wear some funky accessories with your outfit.

  4. snort says:

    take your pictures by a lake with rocks and wear jeans converse with a plaid shirt. wear your prom dress with heels and jelwery. third sitting on a couch surrounded by unicorns stuffed animals and cartoons or be sitting on a horse with a cowboy hat with your boots with the sunrise behind you in an open green field.

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