What makeup should I wear for senior pics?

I have a lot of makeup, so I have a lot of options. I’m getting my senior pictures done in about a week, and I have NO idea what to put on my face. I’ve been tanning, and I’m fairly tan. I’m blonde and I have dark green eyes.
My outfits for pics range from elegant (prom dress) to cutesy (jeans & cute top), but I’m not wearing anything casual, since I don’t usually dress that way.

So what should I wear? I need something that will look good with everything, look clean in the camera, and compliment my face.

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5 Responses to What makeup should I wear for senior pics?

  1. luckynb17 says:

    You want to look naturally pretty, which im sure you are
    wear powder since you dont want to be shiny and wear eyeshadow that compliments your eyes, Almay, Cover Girl and Physicans Formuala all have great ones for these and mascara and a little eyeliner should be great! oh and a little gloss and blush!

  2. low low says:

    Do a smokey eye with the color of the shirt or jewerly you are going to wear. it will look very good with a tan and blonde hair =]

    maybe go on youtube =]

  3. paigealexandra15 says:

    dont do anything too heavy! mascara and a neutral eyeshadow is good for the eyes and pink lipgloss always looks nice. but most importantly make sure your skin looks clear and "glowy" it really makes a HUGE difference in how you appear on film! hope you have great pictures!!

  4. melin says:

    For makeup I think this would be really cute for the elegant:


    Take ideas off of Hayden. She’s blonde and is tan with green eyes, and she always looks great. Go through some google images of her and see what you like.

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