What outfit should I wear for my senior pictures?

I am doing my senior pictures on a beach.

I have blonde hair, green eyes, and a fair complexion.

I am thinking that wearing anything white will wash me out considering my hair, skin and the sand.

Any colors and outfits you have in mind?

Thanks = ]

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8 Responses to What outfit should I wear for my senior pictures?

  1. Linley says:

    maybe a hippie flowery sun dress?
    or a deep purple dress =]]

    definently some sort of sundress.
    and NOT any kind of bathing suit. dont want to appear skanky in the year book haha

  2. Confusion With a K says:

    Sundress 🙂

  3. kayyy :-* says:

    anything you would wear to the beach. a sundress, shorts and a tank, bakini, bakini top and shorts. just whatever you would wear to the beach. for color I would go with blue, green, and pink.

  4. Baby A says:

    I would say either a blue or red. I’m blonde and have green eyes and those two colors always seem to look great in photos

  5. Petal says:

    flowy dresses…baechy colors but not anything too light
    try dark pastel colors and/or browns and blacks(neutral colors)
    dresses with some kind of printed designs

  6. Liliana says:

    a cute sky blue shirt with a white skirt.

  7. gina k says:

    I think with blonde hair and green eyes, a dark brown would look nice if you want a neutral color. If you want something brighter, a coral, royal blue, magenta or teal would look great. You want to stick with brighter colors that will contrast with the green in your eyes and the fairness of your skin. A rich purple would look good too. If it’s on the beach a sundress about knee length would look really great. Or a cropped or bermuda dark wash short.








  8. Nurse Susan says:

    1] to show off blonde hair on a beach…
    Already have blue [ sky ], beige [ sand ], and yellow – so wear
    pink, or
    purple, or
    bright or dark blue
    2] a floaty skirt [ or dress ]; or a bright top [ babydoll, fitted T ] with dark skinny jeans
    3] barefoot with hot pink toenails!!

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