what outfits should I wear for my senior portriats?

i have up to 3 outfits:
-one is for the yearbook: any ideas?
-one is for dance: i plan on wearing my pointe shoes. but for the clothes i dont want to wear a typical ballet outfit.(i dont really like that stuff). but something like jeans shirt jacket. something different. i was thinkin jeans with like the mini colored tutu. but idk wat i would wear for the top if i do the jeans(wat color/shade jeans?)and tutu.
-the other outfit style i havent choosen: maybe style or ??

please include pictures or something: that will haple alot

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  1. נυѕт ¢αℓℓ мє вαявιє ♥ says:

    Yearbook: http://www.polyvore.com/boy_need_you_here_with/set?id=20977370

    Dance: I think you should do like a hip hop outfit like work out shorts, cute graphic tee, Zip up hoodie, and shutter shades and a baseball cap with converse.

    Random: You should be in like a field in a pretty sun dress or jeans and a cute tank laughing

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