What rules are there for makeup in pictures?

I’m having my formal senior picture taken and I wanted to know what tips/rules there were for makeup, since I know things show up differently on film. I have chin-length reddish brown hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin with a pink undertone.

Do you wear foundation paler or darker than your natural color? If you normally wear a lot of black eyeliner (not like an inch wide, but…yeah) what should you wear for pictures? Since you have to wear a lot of makeup for it to show up properly, how much/ what is too much?
If you want to minimize your nose but make your eyes bigger what should you do?
What colors should I wear?
If you have any clothing tips too that would help a LOT =)

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3 Responses to What rules are there for makeup in pictures?

  1. WoRLdPeAcE says:

    ok….first of all don’t worry…they will most likely edit the pictures to hide any flaws you have. but that said yeah you should make sure ur make up is right…

    foundation – your natural color. pleaseee do not get lighter foundation, esp. when cameras have flash you can always tell when someone is wearing lighter foundation (either by the neck color or the hair line)
    wear ur black eyeliner however you like it, just make sure when they take the pictuers ur eyeliner isn’t all over the place
    if you want to minimize your nose here is a trick…when you apply blush on your cheeks take the brush with some brush and apply it on ur nose going up and down the middle (VERRY lightly), it will give the illusion of a nicer nose…
    bigger eyes…umm well i know if you apply eyeliner in inside it will make ur eyes look smaller… but if you apply it on top and corner it it will look bigger… after you put on ur mascara take the brush and put some mascara on ur lower lashes, gently touching the lower lid line…that always makes my eyes look bigger……

    anyways its hard to know what to do by reading, so just go to mac and ask them these questions, don’t be shy, they are professionals and its their job to help you out. Or you can also look around on youtube theres tonssss of videos on how to do whatever make up look you are going for

    Hope that helps!
    (oh and practice what make up look you want before the actual picture shoot to make sure it looks good)

  2. EE says:

    Foundation should be the same as your skin color. Not lighter or darker.

    You’re not technically supposed to wear more make-up for pictures, it all depends on the studio’s lighting. I would just play it safe and wear it as you would any other day.

    To make your eyes look bigger wear eyeliner only on the top. I would suggest wearing neutral colors and a clothing tip I got for my senior portraits was to wear something that is one color, preferably black, but that is up to you. No patterns, designs, etc.

  3. nay says:

    i just did my normal makeup but i brought it with me for touch ups. as for clothing, wear cute but classy stuff, you dont want to look like a hoochie. i wore a gray sweater from the limited, a black dress that had sequins on it from express. and a white flowy top. just pick cute stuff that you like that flatters your body

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