What shoud I wear ? Plz help!?

A week from Friday I am getting my senior picture and do not know what to wear. I like empire waist tops that have the baby doll look, yet I am open for whatever you think that will flatter a pear shaped body.

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11 Responses to What shoud I wear ? Plz help!?

  1. Nefarion says:


  2. G says:

    just wear a miniskirt

  3. peace & love says:

    wait… are you saying your fat?

  4. SkaterChick. (: says:

    Jeans with holes and just some shirt like hollister.

  5. Sally says:

    i think an empire waist top in a jewel tone with pearl studs and a khaki skirt

  6. aly k says:

    i thnk im getting mine done in a cute tshirt and cargo pants. id keep it simple. u dnt wnt to look bck at high schol and thnk u were all upotight.
    good luck!

  7. kalie. says:

    everyone who answered so far is ingnorant.
    i would wear a baby doll fit shirt.
    with some jeans & flats.
    & don’t forget the jewelry & makeup.

  8. M@n!ca says:

    senior pictures are always edited and highlighted to make you look better

    just wear something you like and know you lok comfortable in. if you like empire waist tops then wear empire waist top with skinny jeans and nice flats or something. or wear an casual empire waist dress with nice shoes.

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