what should i do for my senior pics?(pic inside)


so im doing my senior pictures and don’t know how to wear my makeup or what to wear. Can u give me some ideas?

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10 Responses to what should i do for my senior pics?(pic inside)

  1. nyballa90 says:

    haha idk you look fine πŸ™‚

  2. Nicole says:

    You’re gorgeous and you really don’t need any make-up. just put on natural make up like how you have it. maybe put on lipgloss/lipstick just so your lips wont look pale, and a little blush, and if you like, you can put eyeshadow. i think you should wear a blue shirt since your eyes are a gorgeous blue color and it will really make your eyes glow. your hair i think is fine just like that. i wouldnt recommend curling it or doing something different because i think senior portraits should look natural. i hate it when girls go all out on it and look completely different on their senior photo. hope this helps ! :]

  3. Alyssa.nicole. says:

    keep the makeup natural,

    umm just wear a nice pair of jeans

    and a casual top.

    [but not a tee-shirt]

  4. Emily G says:

    your very pretty, just do what your doing in that picture. I like the makeup and you ahve a pretty smile. Leave your hair down with some peices by your face

  5. Sean S says:

    You look pretty good except too much eyeshadow.

  6. β˜…β†’*Diva*β†β˜…[[β˜†β†’Be Jealousβ†β˜†]] says:

    Lighten up on the makeup! Go natural! You’re very pretty!

  7. Amboo says:

    Well, for one: You are very pretty. I lovee your eyes. πŸ™‚

    For your makeup, i’d go for the smokey eyes,
    Black eyeliner, sparkly browns, silver.
    Things like that.

    For clothes, some nice jeans and a cute and casual top(not tshirt)
    Or a really cute, flowy dress.

    -Depends on what your pictures are, the background and stuff-

  8. girly says:

    learn howw to use mascara, your is all clumpy like a 2 year old put it on. use some powder, your face is oily

    lol ok i am ugly and a jelous whore? lol whatever i don’t need anyones reassurance on how i look. i’m so sick of all you fishing for compliments and most of you ARE ugly. you ask for my opinion so i give it to you

  9. madeleine[MAYHEM] β™₯ says:

    wow ur verry pretty !! mabe smokey eyes would look really good!!

    hope i hellpd :]

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