What should I do for my senior pictures?

I have no clue what to do for my senior pictures! I’d like to do something classic with a twist, something original but not too crazy. I really despise when people use lots of edited crap (fake flames, pools of water, whatever), and I’d like something not too overdone (wouldn’t want to line up all of my sports stuff or wear an evening gown). Thank youuu.

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2 Responses to What should I do for my senior pictures?

  1. Rudy H says:

    Kind of hard to answer without knowing anything about you.

    Look back or look forward. Do some reflection and consider where you have been, or where you want to go with your life. "A picture is worth a thousand words" So what do you want to say. I would guess the "little twist" is what you are trying to get across, along with the conventional view of you.

    Doubt that helps but then it’s hard to help without knowing anything about you. (not that I’m asking)

  2. Tarynn says:

    I’m getting mine done in September and have thought them through already. The only sport I do is track (used to do softball, but quit before my junior year.) Even so, I swore my freshman year I would not get sports photos.

    The photographer I’m going to has unlimited outfit changes, but it’s a 2 hour session, so the more outfits, the less pictures. My first one is my favorite little black dress that I look awesome in. I figured I’d need one classy outfit. For a couple of shots I plan on wearing a pink hard hat with the dress because I plan on being an engineer. So think about your future aspirations or where you want to go to college and keep that in mind. My second outfit is a really pretty green top (check my sources, but the green is much brighter in person), skinny jeans and heels. To have some fun with it, I plan on getting a big colorful bunch of balloons and having shots with them. I was totally inspired by the movie Up, because it was so pretty when his house started flying off and the balloons were in front of that girl’s window and made it all colorful. I’m also super girly, and my mom and I found this picture somewhere of a girl with all of her girly high heels lined up and she was in the middle with her cowboy boots on. I don’t do the cowgirl thing, but I thought it was super cute and I might try it out. I also saw a cute picture of a girl sitting on the ground next to a cardboard box (think outside the box). She was really artsy and creative, judging by her other pictures, so if that’s you, you could try that idea. Anyway, outfit number three is a really pretty and girly pink top with a leather motorcycle jacket and shorts. I haven’t decided on shoes, though. Outfit four is my favorite. I’m going to wear my favorite red plaid rainboots from 9th grade, shorts, knee high navy socks, some sort of t-shirt (we haven’t found one yet) and my big clear bubble umbrella (sources again). And I plan on getting totally soaked and jumping in a fountain.

    So yeah, I didn’t really have any hobbies or sports or clubs I wanted to portray, so I had to just get creative. Some ideas I found on the internet or in magazines. Others I thought up myself. Don’t just do a bunch of poses in your favorite outfits. It gets pretty old pretty quick. I say find some awesome props and play with them.

    Just something fun, but a senior from ’10 played softball, and instead of photoshopping on flames, her photographer actually set her bat on fire. It was pretty cool.

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