What should I do for senior pics? (pic included)?


senior pictures are coming up and i was thinking about dying my hair…what do you all think? and also, what color shirts should i wear? i wasn’t sure if bright colors would be weird since they are being taken in the fall…
thanks for your help!

DO THOSE links work?
if they don’t work now; check back and ill try to fix them
aww, ya all are sweet,thanks!
haha i know. i have braces, and i prefer them not to be seen…so i smile unnaturally :/

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7 Responses to What should I do for senior pics? (pic included)?

  1. Tiffany S says:

    You are a very beautiful you lady and I think you should stay the way you are.
    As for the color of the t-shirt I would go with something light maybe white or a light blue so you stand out but not to much.
    Hope this helps

  2. Mitch says:

    I would leave the hair, I think you look cute just the way you are in the pics

  3. Kayla<3 says:

    whoa whoa whoaaaaaaaaa your mad pretty xoxo
    like seriously, you kinda look like the olsen twins xDD

    but like if i was you i wouldnt do nothing, your already way pretty, maybe just alil makeup

  4. Ev!e says:

    You should lighten your hair a little. Or maybe just some highlights.

  5. ashley marie says:

    you’re really pretty.
    id wear something like the shirt you’re wearing in your pictures.

  6. spider says:

    yes you are very,very pretty.. always keep that look. no heavy makeup.
    you are lovely

  7. FUNnCRAZY says:

    NO! you are gorgeous!

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