What should I do for senior pictures?

I’m getting my pictures done by Natural Photography so they will just be relaxed pictures..I’m getting one with my guitar. I want to wear a corset from Hot Topic. Would that be okay with blue jeans? I am hoping on losing some weight between now and then so should I or Should I not show my full body in some pictures? Please help..I really like black and red but not white or brown..I have dark brown hair, Really dark brown eyes and am about 5’4"…I’m just going to wear converse shoes..Please help me 😀 P.S I’m not really big into skirts or dresses

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One Response to What should I do for senior pictures?

  1. Katherine says:

    I think you should wear something classic and basic, so your face stands out and the pictures won’t look tacky or lame 20 years from now. If you have a simple outfit and simple style people won’t be focusing on your clothes!

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