what should i do for senior pictures?

yeahh im kindda late forr pictures haha [:
but i have NOOOOO clue what to wear
i know how im doing make up and then im doing
my hair like this [:
(the messsyyy buunnn <3 )
what should i wearrr
send pictures of anyy clothiing you think
would do good [:

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One Response to what should i do for senior pictures?

  1. J S says:

    For senior pictures the main focus will be on your face and upper body. Pick a shirt/top in a solid color and a style that is not too trendy, because when you look back on your photo you don’t want it to look dated. Choose the shirt with a neckline that suits your body, frames your face, or works nicely with your hair style. I think a moderate v-neck would work well with most people.

    A solid colored shirt is better than patterned or striped shirts because you want your face to be the main focus, not to be distracted by what you’re wearing. Also choose a bright color if the background is dark and vice versa. You don’t want to fade into the background. Also a color that will contrast with your hair color. (I had long, black hair and I wore a black blouse… wasn’t a good idea. It looked like my hair flowed into/was connected to my blouse… LOLz)

    Try these tops:

    And lastly, you can checkout examples of actresses’ head shots. Here are some good ones:

    Remember to keep your makeup fresh. Not too heavy, just enough so you don’t look washed out.

    But if you really want to stand out or wear something that truly represents your personality then just wear the style you prefer. Don’t let someone else dictate how you should dress or present yourself to the world.

    Hope this has been helpful.


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