What should I do with my hair and makeup for senior pictures?

I have my senior pictures next week and I need some advice on hair and makeup. I have long, thick reddish brown hair with caramel and blonde highlights and long side bangs. I would like to wear my hair two different ways for my pictures. I was thinking wearing it straight for the yearbook portrait and curled or wavy for my others. Does anyone know of a quick way to curl your hair? I am kind of limited on time so just something that isn’t too time consuming. I would also like some suggestions for my makeup. I have hazel eyes (brown and green) and I am fairly tan but not too tan. Also, I have pretty dark eyebrows with lots of arch. Does anyone know what I should do with my makeup, like for blush, lips and eye makeup specifically? I am wearing a dark purple sweater and jeans for one picture, a bright pink dress and a dark blue top and white capris in another. Also, does anyone know of a good defining mascara that holds the curl well? I would love suggestions and advice! Thanks so much!!

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  1. Lovely Firestrike says:

    stick with your natural hair, wave/curl it slightly to get that natural-flowy look and make sure it is shiny. Keep make up at the minimal, only use concealer, blush, and natural toned eyeshadow and dark brown mascara.
    To quickly curl your hair, do not wash your hair the same day. put a tad amount of mouse in it, and lightly go over it with a thin curling iron and flip at the bottom. Remember, you want to look natural and fresh- not dated. (Do you recall seeing your mom’s senior picture and thinking "what the heck mom" because your mom had an oh so 70’s or 80’s look about her?) You probably want to go casual and classic.
    Lip stick should be light, sheer and shiny.
    I use define a lash by mabeline and it pretty much makes my eyelashes look lovely and thick. (I put on several coats of it for extra body). You’re eyebrows are fine, the thicker the better. But do pluck any stray hairs and try to define only the arch. Supper thin eyebrows look silly.

    Colors that would look good on you:
    cobalt blue
    dark green

  2. Creeper :) says:

    Nobodys gonna read all of that..

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