What should i do with my make-up for senior pictures?

the place taking my pictures says to stick with evening/natural make-up if we use any. i dont know what to do. i dont want to over do it but i want to look good and natural for my pictures. and im wearing a black shirt for it. my eyes are hazel and i have ivory colored skin. i dont even know what colors i would go with if i did use any make-up. the only thing i ever use is black mascara.

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8 Responses to What should i do with my make-up for senior pictures?

  1. beep says:

    you definetely don’t want to overdo it, sure you’ll stand out, but for all the wrong reasons.

    i would take it a little step above natural, but still keep it minimal.

    use a tiny bit of concealer to cover any blemishes, a light foundation. Then i’d go for a volumising mascara, a tiny (and i mean TINY) bit of eyeliner along the bottom lid, and finish of the eye with a light smoky black shadow.
    if you want you could add a nude lipgloss but i think it looks better without it, it makes you stand out but still looks pretty and natural.

    good luck, and have fun =]

  2. hannah_1721 says:

    Stay true to what you naturally look like. Swipe on a coat of black mascara, and maybe add a bit of a coral gloss.

  3. bleedlikeme21 says:

    well dont try anything new, because you wont look like yourself

    just wear what you usually wear

  4. V says:

    well, what i did one time, i went to macy’s, and got my make-up done there, i told them exactly what to do and they did it perfectly.

  5. ♥ashley♥ says:

    a little eye liner, lip gloss, and mascara

  6. pinki says:

    just do natural make up.. u can use black eyeliner with medium grey eyeshadow since ur wearing black..if u dont use eyeliner just put some grey i shadow, mascara, and cover up to make ur skin even, some lip gloss would help too,
    good luck

  7. Monique C says:

    If you’re unsure, go to Macy’s or Nordstroms and get your make-up done telling them you want to go with a more natural look. They always did a superb job on my daughter for senior portraits, senior prom, etc. I didn’t pay anything either… but it depends on what Macy’s or Nordstroms you go to, I heard some do charge up to $50.00.

  8. Carla Bund says:

    Try using alittle foundation/loose powder and then put bronzer on top of that. For your brown eyes use copper eyeshadow (it makes brown eyes stick out more). Then on the bottom of your eyes use alittle white eyeline to make you eyes look bigger and then put a brown or black eyeliner line below the white line. Also put liner on the tops of your eyes. Use a pale pink lipgloss or lipstick and lengthening mascara (thats black).

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