What should I wear at my senior picture? 10 points to best advice!?

I’n a couple of weeks, I have to have my senior picture taken. It must be through this one company, or else it will not be put in the yearbook. I’m having pictures done somewhere else, who I know takes fabulous photos.

Generally, I would classify myself as sporty. I like to wear hoodies and jeans, with a t-shirt or polo, or something of that nature. In the summer I wear soffe shorts with a tournament t-shirt. I’m not super girly, but sometimes I’ll wear a skirt, but stuff that’s super flowery really isnt for me.

I’m about 5’8, I have brown hair about 3-4 inches longer than my shoulders, I’m tan, but not super tan and I have hazel eyes.

I’m not sure if this will help, but any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!
what i meant when i said that stuff is what i normally wear, i meant to give that for reference, i’m not going to actually wear that, haha

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6 Responses to What should I wear at my senior picture? 10 points to best advice!?

  1. Tarynn says:

    Seventeen released some interesting sporty looks in the June issue. If any of your friends have a Seventeen subscription, you might as to look for it. You want your pictures to reflect you, so pick something you’d feel comfortable in (although I don’t suggest hoodies, just sports inspired items). A mesh top with jeans and tennis would be great. Bring props like volleyballs, basketballs, whatever. If your photographer is really good, he’ll suggest things/poses for you. Google senior pictures and just look through galleries, saving pictures or outfits that you like. Print those out and show them to your photographer to give him an idea.

    I think a great outfit would be some old school tennis shoes (like chucks), knee high socks, preferably with stripes, athletic shorts, and an athletic tank top. Try out some underarmor with jogging pants. Dress up for one or a few of your pictures, so maybe a polo and nice pants. The best thing to do is ask yourself, "What are my hobbies" because that’ll dictate how you dress more than what you wear on a daily basis. (My brother is getting his done tomorrow, and he likes snowboarding, so we got him in his snowboarding pants, boots, and underarmor.) He looks good in baby blue, so in one picture he’s wearing a baby blue polo. I don’t suggest tournament t-shirts. If you go for an athletic look, make sure it’s nice athletic wear.

  2. Alecia S says:

    you should wear something comfe that is low on your sholders dont wear a hoodie beacause you will look like you have no neck

  3. Kt K says:


    this store is awesome!

    hop I helped! 🙂

  4. fashion says:

    well since its for ur senior pic, dont wear something to casual or anything that makes u look like u r about to go play basketbal. You could wear a cute plain v-neck t-shirt, simple but nice enough for a senior pic.

  5. Jackie A says:

    Ok, so for your senior picture, try wearing something that people will look at the picture and say, "oh my gosh! I remember her!" but also look a little nicer so people won’t say,"oh yeah, she was the sport obbessed one!". Try putting your hair up in a braid bun, where you braid your hair into a pony tail, then wrap it around at the back of your hair, curling it up. if you don’t like floral skirts, you can wear a mini skirt or jean shorts. for a shirt, wear a nice, clean, white polo maybe. Hope you look fabulus!(or however you spell it)

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