what should i wear for my senior pictures?

I am taking my senior pictures on tuesday and i have no idea what to wear. The package i’m getting allows me to take up to 2 outfits.
Also, i usually do my makeup very natural. should i do something different for the pictures? or should i just do my natural look?
If you have any tips at all i would really appreciate it.

thank you 🙂

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3 Responses to what should i wear for my senior pictures?

  1. yobe the dobe! says:

    If you’re a tan person that likes the beach,
    straighten your hair, wear a white polo, & navy or demin jeans/shorts/skirt. natural makeup, & cute flat flipflops.

    & for the second one, wear your school colors, or something like that.

  2. outofeden@rocketmail.com says:

    OKay, Keep your makeup natural
    some thin black eyeliner *maybe liquid) and goldish shadow, depending on your coloring

    for your outfits, do something that exhibits your personality
    so like,, if you’re really happy all the time, wear bright colors
    or if your ina sport wear part of your uniform. etc

  3. XxSTLCardinalsxX says:

    here’s something I would do:
    Eyes: put eyeliner and mascara on and a tiny bit of eyeshadow
    Lips:A little bit of lip gloss for it to shine ;D
    Shirt: A classic hollister t-shirt
    Pants: long dark jeans; boot ut, flare, however u want
    Shoes: I would use black converse
    Hair: Either leave it down strait or a ponytail with bangs to the side

    It’s cool & classic
    hope I helped 😉 good luck

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