What should i wear for my senior pictures?!?

Im a senior this year and i need to get my senior pictures done soon!
I want one with my cap and gown and i have to get one with a drape…but i need a shirt to wear of my own to wear in my "natural" one.
Only with me, I naturally dress very formal, like im very into vintage and lace but with an indie twist…..very dark skinnies, patent heels and either a lacey top,or a band tee.

in short, this is me:
(im obviously the one in the dress, haha)

and i need to know what shirt i should wear out of these three:


i love the first one, but i think my my arms might look chubby in it…

and i thought the 3rd one would be kind of cute, like really down to earth….?

and as far as people thinking i should go brighter…..bright colors dont photograph well…especially on me.

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8 Responses to What should i wear for my senior pictures?!?

  1. aqua19 says:

    you are very pretty
    ummm all the shirts are rather dull and boring srry
    but if i had to chose one i would go with the 1st one.
    you should look for something more exotic and bright

  2. ChelseaRose says:

    Number two is the prettiest 🙂

  3. mmollls! says:

    Personally? I like the pink blouse, it’s by far the best. It’s stunning, bold, and just an overall beautiful piece. Love the color, especially with your hair color.
    Fierce, gorgeous girl by the way!

  4. Lacy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE number one! the pink blouse! very cute & modern but has a vintage feel to it.

  5. nightlightprincess says:

    i would say lay of the ruffles. a v-neck with and undershirt is the best way to go. the last one is too casual and sport, go with something nice and clean looking and dont over do it. i wore a black long sleeve, i unbuttoned the top and wore a white tank underneath and a headband. try looking through past yearbooks.

  6. Hello!!!! says:

    i think the second shirt is pretty out of all of them and if you dont like that then the first one cause third one is too dull

  7. Alicia says:

    The second one is more timeless. When you are 55, your grand kids won’t see it and think it is weird.

  8. Hillboy says:

    Go naked

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