What should I wear for my Senior Pictures?

I was thinking of maybe a long sleeve collar t-shirt with some diamond or allagry design on it( I don’t know what it’s called) or a black dress up t-shirt with some jeans like the one I have in the picture?

I don’t know.

Please any ideas or links to website would be helpful

I know silly pictures but be real?

How do I smile it’s hard for me to smile I have trouble with it so should I smile like that?

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12 Responses to What should I wear for my Senior Pictures?

  1. nicole says:

    You should wear clothes you feel comfortable in.
    Have one or two nice button up shirts and maybe one tee shirt with a zip up jacket.
    When i went i got to change like 6 times.
    I’d bring a lot of different options and if you have something with yuor school’s name on it you should bring it.

    You should try some smiles with teeth because otherwise you’re going to end up looiking pissed. hahaha.
    You’re gonig to think you look goofy but just have a good time with it and stuff.
    What I did is i’d go from a straight face to a smile and then they’d snap the picture. it was easy and my smiles look natural.
    Key point: natural smiles make the corners of your eyes crinkle.
    Practice in the mirror a little. it’ll help.

  2. Amilah[is back again!] says:

    Wear a nice top.

    They only get half your shirt and your face.


  3. Nicole says:

    the 2 one

  4. Isabella says:

    u shud wear ur b day suit
    it makes 4 a great pic

  5. kyyyyyyxo says:

    cant you do outfit changes? my senior pictures took 2 hours and I did 10 different outfits and 2 locations.

  6. Lola says:

    yes smile like that and the first pic

  7. Joy says:

    You deleted two of the pictures…

  8. space.soot says:

    your favorite outfit. trust me… it will be a cool thing to look back on. I took mine in my fave outfit. I sat on top of a quilt I made, and had a few of my favorite things in the background.

    For the yearbook pic, I wore what I had to. Check to see if your school has any rules.

    Most basic senior pic shoots (around me at least) take about 100 photos, allowing 5 wardrobe changes. In the end, you can pick your favorites. And you only pay for what you want to keep.

    If your school makes you do them at the school using the school photographer, I would just wear a black sweater. Its classic.

  9. browneyedchick says:

    A nice top like a tuxedo top. I already had my senior pics! lol

  10. Patti says:

    uhhh practice smiling before you take the picture. And its always better to over dress than underdress, so you should probably wear a suit. It also helps to look in your yearbook at what everyone wore last year.

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