What should I wear for my Senior Pictures?

My senior picture day is tomorrow…. and i have NO idea what to wear!! I was thinking denim shorts, and a white top…. with some brown and turqouise gladiator sandals. but I need you guys’ input. What would you wear? or What did you wear? I’m not really sure that’s what I wanna wear, so please help me out!! 🙂 THANK YOU

Also, makeup tips and jewelry add on tips are great!!

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6 Responses to What should I wear for my Senior Pictures?

  1. loving life says:

    your outfit seems really simple but still cute. it depends on where you are doing your pictures though. like that would be a good outfit if you were doing it outside.
    I did my pictures at a park in my town. i took some pictures out at this old house wearing a simple black dress and black flats. than i took some pictures on the playground wearing a pink v-neck and white shorts. i also brought some balloons to make it playful and fun. my clothes just match my surroundings really. i say go really natural with the makeup. i just went with some lip gloss and some stuff to hide my dark circles under my eyes.
    have fun!

  2. Pop says:

    shorts,tops, sandals here

  3. Kate says:

    May be a short black sparkly skirt.

  4. Bailey says:

    ??? you don’t have to wear those black dresses that they put over your clothes so all the seniors are wearing the same outfit???????????

  5. Jessica says:

    Yeah solid colors are definitely more photogenic than prints are. Maybe wear a colored top that compliments your hair color or eye color. I would make sure the shorts are of a good length, not too short. Especially if you’ll be sending the pictures to a wide age group. Haha. Simple jewelry works best from my experience, a solid color necklace, or just plain gemstones. Not too much either. Maybe either a necklace or just cute earrings.
    Good luck, hope everything works out great!

  6. Hello says:

    I think you should wear something like a pretty dress. But you also want to be comfortable. So maybe something a little more formal than the denim shorts and top…but you don’t have to go extreme. I would do something like a nice dress or skirt.

    As for make-up, maybe you should just wear what kind you normally wear…but nothing sparkly because it will reflect the camera flash. As for jewelry, It depends on what you think would look nice on whatever you are going to wear.

    I hope the picture turns out good! 🙂

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