What should I wear for my senior pictures tomorrow?

I am taking my senior pictures tomorrow and have no idea what to wear. I’ve been looking up tips and everything said to wear rust,green, blue, or black. i have green eyes and very very curly hair. i also am not allowed to wear anything that does not have sleeves. Help Please!!!!!

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  1. vicki* says:

    ok, just relax. no matter what you wear, i’m sure you’ll look fine. here are a few tops that i think would be nice:




    the dark colors should bring out your eyes and your natural beauty. if wearing the first two, then you can simply pair them with dark wash skinny jeans. try wearing these with pumps. make sure to accessorize a little bit. i really love the simplicity of the dress and would recommend that one the most. accessorize it and you’re set. make sure you do your makeup very well. i also have green eyes and i find that they look best with brown, gold, or green eyeshadows. good luck and remember to smile and to take the photographer’s directions. don’t make it posy, think of something that makes you happy!

  2. i <3 kyle m says:

    hope i helped

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