What should i wear for senior pictures?

I have senior pictures in a few weeks and I need to go clothes shopping.
I have to have something nice and solid colored for school pictures and I want a cute dress.
Any ideas for hair and makeup too?
I have straight hair, hazel eyes, and not too tan.
Also what kind of pictures should I get like poses and thing of the nature.

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One Response to What should i wear for senior pictures?

  1. Helena Handbasket says:

    I was really pleased with my senior pictures, I had 2 outfits, one was a black long-sleeved shirt, the other was a brown long-sleeved shirt, the neutral colors really helped the photos look better.
    As for poses or backgrounds, it really depends on your personality. I had my pictures done in a studio with a brick wall behind me and outside in front of an old house.

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