what should i wear for senior pictures?

my senior pictures are in about a month.

and i’m not sure what to wear/ how to do my hair

it also says that i need some kind of a prop; what should i use?

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  1. devils and deeds says:

    I wouldn’t go out and purchase a new wardrobe for pictures. These are keepsakes to remember your senior year of highschool! You want to look like yourself. Wear that outfit (you know the one!) that when you put it on you feel like a total hottie. It might be jeans and a sweater or a cute sundress or khakis and a polo t-shirt. Depends on who you are. Stick to something fairly classic, not the latest trend (all you need to do is flip through a yearbook from ten years ago to see why trendy is a big no-no! you WILL be embarassed some day when your children want to see pictures from mommy’s highschool days…..)

    As for hair, wear it like you normally do. If a ponytail is your daily ‘do, I think it would be nice to wear it down, and style it a little, but if you wear your hair straight everyday, don’t go out and have it curled or put into some fancy updo. You want to be recognizable.

    Pick a hairstyle and some clothes from your closet that best represent who YOU are, and you can’t go wrong. 🙂

    Also, if you’re having these taken professionally, bring along a couple outfits. I know when I had mine taken, I did a couple of wardrobe changes for different settings.

  2. browneyedbeauty5 says:

    hair- straight or curly, which ever you prefer and thinks that looks best, make sure you feel comfortable and if u dont like it, change it cuz then you will have to learn to deal with it forever lol.

    what to wear- wear a cute teashirt, preferabbly a plain one, not one with print on it. once again, make sure you feel comfy. and make sure you dont blend or clash with the background you plan to have lol.

    and smile big =D


  3. Vanished says:

    Clothes, and wear dread locks.

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